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Transfer Lift - Qmobility


A seated transfer machine safer and more comfortable than conventional over-head patient lifts and hoists

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  • QTransfer Lift - Qmobility

    Product Description

    The QTransfer Lift is based on an innovative “zero-lifting” design, uniquely offering a safer and more comfortable alternative to all currently available patient lifters and hoists.

    As a one-piece utility (not requiring separate sling supports) the QTransfer Lift offers practicality as an all-in-one device, allowing carers to perform numerous transfer functions: seamless seated transfers from wheelchair to bed, bathroom, couch etc. and vice versa. Zero lifting is required from carers hence significantly reducing back strain, enabling a faster, safer and less stressful transferring experience for both user and carer.

    Features include an attached remote controller, chest rest & torso support (upper body/front of body), easy pull-out hip support seat, waist & thigh support (lower body/back of body) and an attached IV drip holder (hospital in-patient, post-op use etc.) This patient transfer technology ensures highest standards of safety, comfort and dignity for both user and carer.

    Product Configuration
    QTransfer Lift - Product Configuration

    Usage Instructions


    1. Check the 5 Battery status of the lift.

    2. Place lift close to the user and lock the 9 Brake pedal.

    3. Assist the user to lean forward onto the 19 Chest rest, allowing both armpits and arms to rest on 18 Torso support and hold the 15 Handle for support

    4. Slide the 14 Harness behind the user and attach both ends to the upper hooks of the 18 Torso support.

    5. Slide each end of the 14 Harness further underneath the user’s thighs and pull gently to attach the 16 Ladder lock onto the 17 Belt hook.

    6. Once safely attached, use the 2 Remote controller to switch on the lift and press the controls to elevate the user to a comfortable position.

    7. Unlock the 9 Brake pedal and use the 3 Handle to move the lift.

    8. After transferring the user to a desired location, follow these instructions in reverse order to release the user from the lift.

    Lever usage instruction

    1. Pull the 4 Lever and

    2. Turn right to widen, turn left to narrow the legs

    How to Charge

    The QTransfer Lift (fully charged) can be used up to 40 times before requiring another recharge.

    The battery needs to be recharged on a weekly basis, with each full-charging cycle taking 4 hours

    How to Assemble

    Qtransfer Lift Assemble

    Safety Precautions

    • Please read all operational directions carefully before use.
    • Ensure battery is charged before use.
    • Make sure all parts of the equipment are properly assembled to prevent any malfunctions or accidents.
    • Do not use on uneven or steeply sloped surfaces.
    • Do not use unnecessary force or speed on the device, during transfer.
    • In the case of an emergency during transfer, please utilise the emergency brake.
    • Do not use the equipment for any other purpose than described in the manual
    • Do not modify the equipment.  
    • Do not charge the battery during use

    Product Specification
    PowerAC 110/240V 50/60 Hz
    Size750(W) X 900(L) X 1130(H) mm
    Safe operating load180kg
    MaterialsSteel, Polyester


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Transfer Lift - Qmobility

Transfer Lift - Qmobility

A seated transfer machine safer and more comfortable than conventional over-head patient lifts and hoists

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